Intelligent Energy Solutions for a Cleaner World.

Genie Energy Ltd., (NYSE: GNE) is a domestic retail provider of green and conventional electricity and natural gas supply, on-site and community solar energy solutions, with a focus on deregulated markets across the US. We also work with commercial enterprises, utility-scale solar developers and community solar developers to plan, finance, design, build and operate solar projects that thoughtfully maximize the value of solar generation.

It Starts with Genie

Genie Retail Energy

Homeowners, small, medium and large businesses alike rely on Genie companies for green electricity supply, and carbon offset natural gas, conventionally sourced electricity and natural gas supply, incentives and rebates, and end to end energy advisory services.

Genie Renewables

Genie Renewables is the partner of choice when solar farm developers require [some or all]

  • Design, construction, installation of commercial, industrial and utility scale solar projects
  • Sourcing of bi-facial solar panels for Inflation Reduction Act requirements and supply chain logistics
  • Effective quality acquisition; high value, credit worthy subscribers to fill the solar projects
  • Financing vehicle for the completed and filled solar farm