Subscriber Acquisition

CityCom Solar is the partner of choice when solar farm developers and asset owners require effective quality acquisition, acquisition that yields high retention of high value, credit worthy customers for Community Solar projects.  Projects with requirements for off take mix of residential, commercial, LMI, both demand and non-demand.



Skilled Sales Network

Enrollment Process

Successful Transition

Genie Renewables is a multi-faceted partner which enables solar farm developers and asset owners to maximize their resources and expertise, reducing risk and increasing probability of success.

Targeted marketing approach focuses on eligible community solar customers across multiple channels

  • D2D | Imperative for community solar success
  • Digital and Print | Market is noisy, subscribers may be “softened” for D2D
  • Telephony | Force multiplier to D2D

Skilled, Proven direct and indirect agent sales network

  • D2D and outbound telemarketing
  • Energy specific experience
  • Able to scale quickly in all deregulated energy states
  • Vetted and background checked resources ensure quality

Extensive training

  • In-person and remote capabilities